Multiple header styles

BigFoot let's you choose between various option concerning the header layout for each page. Customize the logo and menu alignment, as well as the title's and subtitle's. If you feel like your header is too big, and you want something thinner, you can also choose not to use a subtitle, reduce the header's height: neat!

Each page can have a different header color, and if you specify a featured image, it's automatically placed below such semi-transparent overlay. And guess what, you can customize the opacity level too!


Showcase page template

Create a page that's composed only of big, bold, beautiful slides: it can either be a cool home page, or an effective way to display a presentation. Pick each slide's overlay color and opacity, and select a nice image to be used as background. Write a big title, add a description, and even add a button to link to somewhere else: creating a nice looking slide has never been easier.

Also, each slide can be linked directly to a Post or Page by specifying its ID, so that the title, description and button link are automatically generated for you.

Want more? You can also indicate a specific CSS class to each slide, so that you can rock it up with your own styling!


Two Blog variants

BigFoot comes with two blog variants: the grid one, featuring a nice masonry layout, and the regular one, with posts that allow for bigger images to be displayed.

While having all the nice features that the other pages of the themes have, Blog pages can also be further customized specifying how many items to show, their order, and also filter them by one or more category.


Portfolio configurations and Photogallery page template

The beautiful grid display for your Portfolio and Photogallery items is entirely customizable, selecting how many columns are going to compose your page, and how the image thumbnails are going to be displayed, whether with a regular fixed height, or with a variable height depending on their ratio, allowing for a seamless masonry integration.

While having all the nice features that the other pages of the themes have, Portfolio pages can also be further customized specifying how many items to show, their order, filter them by one or more Portfolio category, and even choose to use AJAX or not when filtering through the items.

Photogallery pages can choose how many items to load, and the pagination pace. Also, items can easily be added in batch via the WordPress native Media Manager, and smoothly rearranged through a nice draggable custom interface.


Contact informations

With a built-in contact form, you're also going to have full control over a nice and extended Google map, which can be easily customized specifying the location and an optional text for the map marker.

Do you have more than one phone number you'd like to display, or maybe a different contact information you really need to be easily modified? Fear not, as multiple additional details can be added to the Contact page, specifying a custom label and value for each one.


Designed for WooCommerce

BigFoot features a nice integration with WooCommerce, the renowed WordPress plugin that delivers a fully fledged e-commerce solution.

This is not your usual integration: you'll find a dedicated administration panel with a variety of options that are going to allow you to manage specific aspects of your shop pages, so that you'll always be in control.



Do you want to quickly display a series of images, making the fade into one another, or slide horizontally, maybe with a caption: the Slideshow component is the tool you need. You can create as many slideshows as you want, easily adding items via the WordPress native Media Manager, smoothly rearrangeable through a nice draggable custom interface.

Say you want to create a slideshow that's purely decorative, you'll be happy to know that the same slideshow can be used multiple times throughout the entire website.


Footer stripes

Sometimes it's nice to have a call-to-action at the bottom of the page, or a simple Twitter stream, or some social links for your visitors. That's why we've created what we call the "Footer stripes": create as many as you want, and associate each one to multiple pages with ease!


Multiple sidebars

Create unlimited sidebars, associate them to different pages and posts, and fill the with a variety of custom widgets: there's one for every need!


Customizer e custom CSS

Want to tweak your site? Would you like to alter its appearance so that it really fits your beloved brand identity, also on the backend end? The theme features a great integration with the native WordPress customizer, with live preview of your changes.

Alter colors and fonts, choosing from an extended list of beautiful typefaces from Google Webfonts. And if you really need more, you can even upload your own!

Feel like doing some even smaller tweaks, say hiding an element from the page? The theme also puts at your disposal the means to an even quicker customization, with a custom box to write your CSS modifications.


Dummy content and child themes

At first, it's nice to have a little help to get things going with your theme: that's why we've included a dummy content XML file in the theme's package, to directly import Pages, Posts, Portfolio items and menus.

Combine that with the options preset backup file that is provided that will make your website display like this demo upon installing.

Also, using the provided child theme, you'll be free to create your content and even alter the theme, without losing compatibility with it. Sweet!

Top notch support

We like to maintain our themes always up-to-date, making them keep the pace of WordPress developments and we offer dedicated and skilled support to grant our customers the best experience possible.